Building Distributed, Decentralized Wireless IoT Networks

Secured by Helium Blockchain


What We Are Building?

A distributed, decentralized wireless IoT Network Secured by the Helium Blockchain:
“The People’s Network”

IoT The Internet of Things

Low-data smart sensors such as asset tracking, air quality monitoring, health & agriculture monitoring, trucking & more.

Provide Coverage

Starting with North America, we are building out a carrier scale wireless network on both LoRaWAN & 5G technologies.

Create A New Network

Using specialized IoT hotspots mounted in carefully chosen strategic locations (cell towers and strategic buildings)

Manage Network

After strategic location of our hotspots, we monitor and manage the devices on the network 24/7 to optimize coverage and revenue for our hosts.

Financial Management

Our hotspots provide wireless coverage while generating revenue in the IoT currency of the future, Helium Network Token (HNT) We manage all the revenue reporting and settlements

Coverage Rewards

Helium Networks pays us for providing wireless coverage with our IoT hotspots.  We pay a portion of these rewards back to our hosts in USD.


Building, Managing
& Maintaining The People’s Network

Powered by the Helium Blockchain, The People’s Network represents a paradigm shift for decentralized wireless infrastructure. It will soon be one of the world’s largest wireless networks that is not Carrier owned, but people owned, secured by the Helium Blockchain.

We Are Helping To Build The People's Network

A new, secure network for IoT devices to create a new connected device world, secured by blockchain, driven by game-changers & delivered by wireless experts.

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